Friday, August 22, 2008

Heavy Rotation: Fellas of the Belly (Aug. 22)

Bellions! How have you been? It's been too long, eh? I agree. I wish I could say that we were out touring the country getting the hottest interviews and checking out the gnarliest shows music has to offer, but that would be lying. Honestly, we are just lazy. More effort was put into downing courage juice and smoking cancer sticks than anything else. It's true: we suck. Well, unless you were hanging out with us, in which case you were a lucky bastard, since we know how to rock the party into the 15th dimension. At any rate, we are back. And this time I mean it (probably). So turn up the volume on the Slayer album you're probably not listening to right now and get ready for the Rotation!

[Spleen editor's note: Fuck yeah, numbskulls. Turn up those Tommy and the Slayers records!!]

The Hellion:
01. The Misfits - "Static Age"
02. Aus Rotten - "Not One Single Fucking Hit"
03. Angelic Upstarts - "Teenage Warning"
04. Hot Water Music - "Forever and Counting"
05. Sworn In - "Sworn In"
06. Cursed - "III: Architects of Troubled Sleep"
07. Suicide Note - "Empty Rooms"
08. Small Arms Dealer - "Patron Saint of Disappointment"
09. On the Might of Princes - "Sirens"
10. Gaza - "I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die"

Spleen Latifa:
01. Off With Their Heads - "From the Bottom"
02. Celebrity Murders - "Time to Kill Space"
03. Bruce Banner - "I've Had it with Humanity"
04. Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - "'Til Niagara Falls..."
05. Graf Orlock - "Destination Time Yesterday"
06. Screeching Weasel - "Anthem for a New Tomorrow"
07. Heavy Heavy Low Low - "Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock"
08. The Curse - "The Curse EP"
09. Lords - "Swords"
10. Teengenerate - "Get Action"