Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dispatches from Powerviolence: Converge Reveal Two New Songs Live

So fuckin... I got a camera into the Converge show this past friday... and fuckin... I totally filmed Converge's entiiiiiire set... and fuckin... The entire show was fuckin sick and shit... but fuckin... The totally coolest part of the fuckin night was when Converge played to two new songs in the middle of their fuckin set!!!

More true than funny.

But seriously... Converge/Coliseum/Genghis Tron/Ceremony/Rise & Fall/Pulling Teeth... Fucking righteous. Hands down will probably be this year's best non-festival concert lineup. Anywho, I put up the videos of the two new tracks from Bannon and Co. below, hosted by our good buds over at Metal Injection. This week I will be editing up and rendering out Converge's entire punishingly wonderful set, along with three Coliseum songs, and tossing them to Metal Injection to post up to their site. So be checking there throughout the week for more. As of right now, you can go check out the live vids for "Plagues" and "No Heroes".

Oh, also Cap'n Bannon said live that "these songs don't have names, so fuckin' make 'em up and put 'em on the internet, do whatever you want" ... So I did... And I liked it.

Song #1 - "Squanto on Thundercrack - Part IV (El Requiem Virtuoso)"

Song #2 - "Them Assholes Don't Know Shit About Dick!"

Photo credit - Justina Villanueva

Dispatches from Powerviolence: Coalesce to Release New LP

In 2007, I remember getting wind of the mighty Coalesce getting off their lazy asses and reuniting and then being sooo hella pissed when I realized I would never be in the same city when they were, meaning that I would be missing any and all chances to see a band that I've never had luck catching... Obviously I was MEGA pissed. Pissed enough that I used the word "hella" up there... I honestly thought this was a cruel joke, dangling my potential last chance in front of me by having the Coalesce fellers swing by the NYC area the exact same weekend I was home in Chicago... Pig Destroyer likes to pull that same bullshit repeatedly.

BUT a juicy little detail just came down the pipe, and it's gotten me all sorts of excited in the swimsuit area again. I just got word that Coalesce has finished wrapping up their new album of all new material (their first new full-length in a fucking decade) and has the release date all set for a Relapse Records roll-out... (fuck yea, alliteration!) ... and not only that, but they also set up a European tour this summer to support the June record release. The album is titled Ox and will hit the places wherever people legally buy music these days on June 9th.

In the meantime, enjoy "You Can't Kill Us All" live from their 2007 Detroit reunion:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Review Your Face Off: Cannabis Corpse - "Tube of the Resinated"


So what happens when you really love death metal and also really love the potweed? Well, you could just sit around getting high in your parents’ basement, or you could start a sweet band. Cannabis Corpse decided to do the latter, and I can just imagine the session that inspired the name.

Seeing as CC includes members of Municipal Waste, they already had an idea of how to get off their ripped asses and start making music. I bet a lot of pizza and snacks were involved in the process. But no matter what got them moving, the result is pretty great. I’m not arguing for or against the use of the happy plant, but no matter how you look at it, death metal songs with titles like “Mummified in Bong Water” and “Addicted to Hash in a Tin” are going to put a smile on your face.

More important than the song titles, of course, is the music, and this shit is pretty rad. Each song on the album had me tapping my foot. The band also has a lot of talent, stoned or not, so the record doesn’t get boring or repetitive. And the overall humor of what’s going on adds a nice spice. You know, kind of the way syrup adds to that tical blunt you’ve been saving.

While this is far from the greatest metal album I have ever heard, it is an enjoyable listen. I would certainly recommend it. Plus, I bet if you brought this over to your Bonnaroo-loving, corduroy-wearing, scooter-riding friend’s place, he’d totally respect you more. Actually, probably not, fucking hippie.

Here's CC tearing it up live with "Sentenced to Burn One" from the album:

Dispatches from Powerviolence: 1912 Records Brings the Rock (Cheap!)


Since we aren’t Wall Street CEO’s getting huge bonuses on the government’s money, most of us are pretty broke right now. But just because the economy sucks doesn’t mean we can’t continue to rock. Our buddies at 1912 Records have put together some pretty gnarly deals to help out all those who want to rage economically.

The best way to go would be the $65 “Triumvirate of RockNRoll” package. Ok, so at first you are thinking 65 bucks is still a little steep. Fear not, friends. You are getting a ton of shit from three bands. Count ‘em, three. Which bands? How about The American Black Lung, Long Live the Smoking Gun, and Blues. Plus, you get some label stuff. Now I have your attention, don’t I? Included are albums, shirts, sweatshirts, pint glasses, beer cozies, posters, buttons, etc. Now $65 is lookin’ pretty cheap, ain’t it?

Don’t be a fool. Check this out, ya knuckleheads.

Just look at all that gnarliness you'll be getting!

You can order and get a full list of everything included here:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dispatches from Powerviolence: Fox from See You Next Tuesday Needs Your Help

Alright, it's been a while since we've seen you last, and I apologize from the deep, dark bottom of my cavernous soul. Life got wicked, shits needed to be taken care of... Except the damn apology!

Anywho, we're calling on you loyal Bellions to do some service for a good man... See You Next Tuesday singer Chris Fox requires some surgery, but like most of the ladies and gentlemen that make the music we so much enjoy, he's a little strapped for cash and is unable to afford the operation. Here's the word from the horse's mouth, so find it in your empty chests where a heart is supposed to rest to spare a little change if you can. The Belly has already fronted 20 bucks for the cause, now do your part. Take it away, Fox:

"Let me explain the story of what has been goin' on. The first day we arrived to Europe on this past tour, I noticed my right armpit was a little sore. I felt around and I noticed a hard lump about the size of a marble. Over time it kept getting more painful and larger. I saw a couple doctors while in Europe, and both of them wanted to cut whatever it is out on the spot, but, I couldn't do that because I was on tour and I would have been stranded in some foreign country.

"So, as soon as we landed I went to my family doctor here in Michigan. And he said the same thing, it needs to get cut out. Nobody seems to be sure what it is, the only thing they know it is not is a lymph node because it is too big. This thing is about the size of a golf ball now, so on the outside it looks about the size of an orange. It is very painful. It seems to be pinching off nerves or something because I get shooting pains across my chest and down my arm. Some days I can't even lift my arm up. And for some reason the back of my arm is always numb now. And it fucking sucks.

"Here is my problem. I tour with the band almost 80% of my time, therefore, I don't have a 'real job' to collect health insurance. So I'm pretty much fucked. I do have a job, I'm a tattoo artist, but it's pretty dead at the shop right now so I'm not making much. Not nearly enough to pay for this.

"So I'm on my hands and knees begging for help. I can't refuse this operation, it hurts so fucking bad that I can't stand it anymore. I've lived with this thing for almost two months now. I hate doing this shit because I feel so worthless, and I know times are tough everywhere for most everyone, but I have to ask for help from you guys. It is my last option at this point. I've set up a donation thing through Paypal, but of course the button isnt working. Please just go to Paypal.com and you can just send any amount to my email address, fabrfox@gmail.com from your account. If someone could donate a dollar or a quarter or anything I would be fucking stoked. It would be that much more than I have now. I would love you guys more than I do now and do whatever I can to make it up to you. If you can, please help me."

... How can you say no to a face like this: